Teen Challenge’s Answer to Drug Problems

Teen Challenge’s Proven Answer to the Drug Problem A Review of a Study by Dr. Aaron T. Bicknese “The Teen Challenge Drug Treatment Program in Comparative Perspective” Introduction The number of federal dollars appropriated for drug treatment has steadily climbed over the past twenty-five years, from $120 million in 1969, to $1.1 billion in 1974, to $3 billion in 1996 (1). This dramatic rise in spending has occurred even though the current group of illicit drug users is half the size of the same group in 1979 (2). Because of this mushrooming of funds in the face of a smaller …

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Forty-Nine Percent of U.S. Students Binge Drink

Forty-Nine Percent of U.S. Students Binge Drink  By Emily Brown and James M. O’Neill March 15, 2007 (Bloomberg) — Forty-nine percent of U.S. college students indulge each month in binge drinking or drug use, abusing them at rates far higher than in the general population, according to a report. About 1.8 million students met the medical criteria for substance abuse or dependence in 2005, 2 1/2 times the national level, as they sought to relieve stress, improve mood or enhance performance, said the report, released today by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. The risky …

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Outreach to Troubled Celebrities

Special message from Marty Angelo I spent 15 turbulent years in the entertainment industry prior to becoming a Christian in 1981 and I have a special burden for today’s celebrities. Many are suffering the same consequences from abusing drugs and alcohol that I experienced while living in the fast lane in the music business. Unfortunately, there were not many people within the entertainment business back in the late ’60s and ’70s warning others of the high cost of leading such a sinful life. There was not much information available on how to change. Therefore, myself and many of my friends …

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California prison drug treatment called waste of money

Inmates relax in a room designed to be a gym at Solano State Prison in Vacaville, California. California prison drug treatment called waste of money The state overseer of the corrections system says the $1 billion spent since 1989 on programs has failed to lessen the recidivism rate. By Jenifer Warren, Times Staff Writer – February 22, 2007 SACRAMENTO — California’s $1-billion investment in drug treatment for prisoners since 1989 has been “a complete waste of money,” the state’s inspector general said Wednesday, and has done nothing to reduce the number of inmates cycling in and out of custody. One …

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Should Subject Abuse Treatment Programs be called Faith Based, Christian Based, or Secular Based?

Throughout my 28+ years of Christian ministry, I have been exposed to numerous methods used in treating thousands of substance abusers. It was only in recent years that the term, “faith-based” came into being. I was always concerned of its’ exact definition. I wondered why it was not just called “Christian-based.” Are we that afraid to attribute anything to Jesus Christ anymore? Calling substance abuse treatment “faith-based” instead of “Christian-based” opened up a door that I feel helped usher in what nowadays is a common running thread that blends many secular sounding “buzz words” with what the Bible clearly calls …

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Beer Belongs?

Have you seen advertisements like this in leading magazines during the past years? Two or three young people appear in a happy social setting. Their facial expressions are joyful, and in their hands they hold an alcoholic beverage. In evidence are bottles bearing the name of a well-known beer. Across the bottom of such full page illustrations are sometimes printed the words “beer belongs”. The implication is clear. According to many advertisements, beer belongs in the home. It belongs to the social gathering. It enhances good fellowship. It provides for good times. It belongs in the company of carefree, fun …

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It is called sin, Doctor

Michael Jackson’s pre-mature death seems to be the hottest, saddest and most likely the longest story ever to unfold within the entertainment business. The entire world held its’ breath while awaiting the popular singer’s cause of death. Some in his family even called it a murder. One thing was certain; drug abuse was involved. Jackson’s death brings the subject of drug addiction front and center in the world media’s eyes. In its quest to find answers, various media representatives such as Larry King only turned to medical professionals and attorneys with their questions. While the media processed all the medical and legal experts’ jargon the Christian community seemed to have been forced to sit quietly on the sidelines not being asked for any input at all.

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